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The Buzzard Farm


About The Buzzard Farm

The Buzzard Farm is a small regenerative farm located in Western Pennsylvania. We currently have seven alpaca, eight ducks and probably too many chickens. We have lots of gardens and to feed both our animals and ourselves where we grow abundant varieties of plants fed by our most useful alpaca manure. We use our manure to regrow the pastures where our boys graze, let it naturally decompose, and use it as fertilizer. We utilize the regenerative practice, pasture rotation, to allow our land to heal in between feeding. We are both a working farm and a homestead. Currently, we are not open to the public. 

Meet the Boys


Carlos arrived at our farm in the fall of 2020 along with three other boys. He was one of our first alpaca. He loves broccoli leaves and sniffing the tops of people's heads. He is one of our two herd leaders and keeps an eye on everything at the farm.




Walter is our super shy and sweet boy. He has the longest eyelashes of any alpaca we have ever seen! Walter has lived at The Buzzard Farm for two years. He also arrived in the fall of 2020. He loves dust bathing, rolling in tall grasses, and spending some time by himself by his favorite maple tree. Walter is an introvert at the core.



Outlaw is one of our youngest alpaca. He was born in the spring of 2021 and arrived on our farm in December of 2021. He was born in eastern Pennsylvania. He is very unsure of new people and takes more time to trust than the other boys. With his dark eyes and smushed in nose, he is sight to see.


Mack is the friendliest of all of our alpaca. Mack was also born in the spring of 2021and arrived at The Buzzard Farm in December of the same year. He is the only alpaca that tolerates an occasional pet and loves to eat treats from your hands. He comes running anytime we have visitors and he is a such joy.



Chauncey arrived at on our farm in the fall of 2020 and immediately left an impression on us. He has an opinion on basically every thing we do involving him or not and he will occasionally spit to show it. He loves being sprayed with the hose and hanging out with his best friend Carlos.


Tanner arrived on our farm in January 2023. As one of the newest members of our farm, he is still adjusting and we are being patient with him as he needs his space. He is a very skittish boy who has yet to trust us but little by little, he will get there.



Asher arrived on our farm in January 2023. Known for his absurdly fluffy hair, we are still adjusting and getting to know each other. He arrived with his brother, Tanner. Out of the two, Asher is the braver and friendlier of the two. He hates being on a lead but loves when you are around.


Alpacas are cute.
But they are for clothing, too.

Custom Made Clothing by Herd & Home Co.

Beginning in the winter of 2022, we began creating hats from our hand spun alpaca yarn. We sold out of these hats in less than a day! Because of the time it takes to create a single hat, we began offering these hats as a custom order option. Custom hats are available all year and typically take 2-3 weeks to make once you are contacted from our waiting list. 

In 2023, we plan to expand this venture to provide gloves, socks and hopefully a cardigan or two. Our mission is to produce sustainable clothing entirely from our farm showing from dirt to garment, what it takes to produce clothing by hand. 

Raw Alpaca Batting 

We sell our fiber sourced from our alpaca in natural colors. Raw is unwashed, straight from the animal, fleece. Batting is a form of processing that comes from carding the fleece. It sorts the fibers to prepare to spin. This is perfect for people who spin their own yarn, people who felt, and so much more! We sell our fiber by the ounce and half ounce.  Check back soon! See our Alpaca Fiber Here!


Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls by Herd & Home Co.

Made on our farm by hand and lighted scented with essential oils.  Wool dryer balls help with dryer efficiency and are a great dryer sheet replacements.

Hand Spun Alpaca Yarn .

All yarn orders are hand spun to order. Our yarn encompasses all of the natural colors of our alpaca. Entirely natural and inspired by the neutral colors of the land they graze, our alpaca yarn is 100% dye free.  We process and spin all of our alpaca yarn by hand and we appreciate your patience as we work to completion. Processing time for yarn is dependent on quantity. Check the listing for more details.

100 % Soy Wax Candles by Herd & Home Co.

All of our candles are hand poured in house. We only use soy wax to ensure maximum quality and burning time. Our fragrances are usually earthy and warm to embody the quintessential feel of a home. Check out our On the Farm Collection now!

Soaps by Herd & Home Co.

Right now, we have hand poured all natural alpaca soaps. We occasionally have hand made cold process soap available that is scent free and sensitive skin friendly. I have been making cold press soap for many years and it is wonderful for sensitive skin types.  Our cold pressed soap is free of all additives and fragrance oil. Our poured soap is made with essential oils only. Check out our soap now!



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