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All About Our Alpaca Fiber

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

When we started our little farm, we started with chickens. Naturally, we got more chickens. When we started to produce more eggs than we could eat, I started to realistically plan what our farm would be. I had always wanted alpaca. However, I did not know exactly how to start. Thankfully, a good friend of ours wanted to put hers up for adoption and asked if I would take them on. Of course, I jumped on the offer. We started with four alpaca, one of each color. We now have five boys. I plan to keep growing our farm but I have always intended on keeping our operation small scale so we could focus on the care and quality of life of each of our animals.

We keep our alpaca for their fiber. We are what in the alpaca industry is called “a fiber farm”. We produce quality fiber and sell it. We do not breed or trade our animals.

Our fiber comes raw, unwashed, and weighed by the pound. We sell our fiber in half pound and pound increments. We do not dye or treat the fiber with any additives. The fiber from our farm is as raw as it gets! We have the option to purchase from the alpaca blanket (first cutting) or to purchase second cuttings. Second cuttings are great for small felting projects. They tend to be a bit more coarse than the finer blanket.

Alpaca fiber is very fine and easy to clean and process. Many fiber artists will use it unwashed because alpaca fiber, unlike the fiber from other fiber animals, does not have lanolin.

Working with alpaca fiber can have it challenges. Alpaca fiber tends to felt and may become ruined if not handled properly.

The fiber colors we have available for purchase are black, brown, and cream. Have any questions about alpaca fiber? Feel free to send us an email!

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