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All About The Buzzard Farm Candles

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

For many years, I have worked creating cosmetics with oils. I have created lip balms, salves, cold pressed soaps, and the occasional bath bomb. I love creating from scratch. Corey, my partner in The Buzzard Farm, asked “Why aren’t you making candles?”

Honestly, it was a very good question. Candles were right up my alley. I started creating everyday products for our personal consumption years ago. So a few weeks later, he surprised me with a starter soy wax candle kit. As in, it came with soy wax and some candle wicks. The kit did not even have instructions. Nevertheless, I figured it out very quickly. I designed my own scents and decided to throw on my hand-drawn Buzzard Farm label and the finished products were, to my surprise, stunning. I loved the simple black and white logo with the natural un-dyed soy wax. I never had the intention of using candle dye. Just the soaps I had created in the past, I wanted to keep my candles as close to nature as I could.

From that point, I sourced all of my soy wax from a company that grows and harvests soy and then creates wax finished soy wax pellets from start to finish in the United States. I do this for a multitude of reasons but the most pressing is that I want my products to be as environmentally conscious as I feasibly can. That is why as an alternative to my original 12 oz jars, I began adding recycled jars to the candle line up. Each purchase from our Climate Action Collection also includes a two dollar donation to a climate action charity. These candles are up on our Etsy shop, but I can make any of them custom order in our six original scents.

Our five original scents include:

  • Chicken Math

  • Farmstead

  • Old Barn

  • Cowboy Boot

  • Farm Fields

  • Side Saddle

We can do custom orders in any size of our original farmhouse scents. We also take wholesale orders. Email us at for prices for wholesale or custom orders.

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