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All About The Buzzard Farm Whole Bean Coffee

At The Buzzard Farm, we roast arabica beans carefully selected from small farms, organic farms, green certified and ethical farms. We chose from a wide selection of quality beans. Our local supplier is super selective and only buys the best quality giving us the best selection guaranteed to give us beans with the most flavor hues from great producers. We roast all of our beans to a medium roast but we do take custom orders. We are able to do espresso, dark and light roasted as well. Feel free to contact us for samples and for any questions for custom orders.

We started roasting because like any new business adventure, we saw a need. At the grocery store, we found that the selections were limited and it was difficult to find what we liked. We stopped buying our coffee from local grocers altogether and only bought our coffee from coffee shops and local roasters. However, when we moved out to the country, supply was very limited and we found that online, it was hard to find something we liked. We have been roasting our own coffee for four years and professionally roasting for over a year now. We roast everything in a small batch to retain freshness. We own a small professional roaster and roast in large quantities on the weekends.

So Why Fair Trade?

There are several different certifications that can come on a bag of coffee. Coffee growers have had some changes in recent years. Global warming has changed the way the market views coffee growers because the world is calling for the halt of deforestation. Some coffee growers would grow so large they would take out acres of previous rainforests while paying very minimally to their workers. In response to this need to find a way for coffee to be produced in a way that was better for the environment, certifications like Rainforest Alliance help ensure farms use sustainable practices. Sometimes, however, the certifications make it very challenging for small farms to acquire because of the strict guidelines, however, such guidelines are great for consumers looking for coffee with an environmental cause. Fair trade coffee is coffee grown under cooperatives of smaller farms. To become certified, you must have ethical working conditions and fair wages. Some small farms are both certified under the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade. There are lot of certifications that differentiate your coffee from other coffees around the world. Before fair trade and Rainforest Alliance, coffee producers worked for very little and destroyed rainforests. As a consumer, these are labels to look for to help both your neighbor and your planet. We will label what coffee beans we purchase have what certifications whether it be fair trade, USDA organic, or Rainforest Alliance (which is typically challenging for small roasters to get).

We do our best to select farms and cooperatives that are at the very least, fair trade. Most of coffee beans we select are also USDA organic certified cooperatives. We try out every bean we sell for long periods of time to get the best flavor notes from roasting. The farms and selection we get rotates regularly so we can provide quality and variety, as well as sometimes only small amount of certain beans are available because of importation limitations. There are several favorites we carry that we typically have on hand and will continue to purchase. Let us know if you have a favorite and we can make sure to try our hardest to keep some in our inventory.

Our next coffee release will be in March of 2022. Please check our shop update section or subscribe to our email list to learn about the types of coffee we will be offering and our official release date. As always, coffee is limited and first come, first serve.

Have any questions about The Buzzard Farm coffee? Please feel free to send us an email or comment below. We simply love coffee and enjoy every part of the process and are so excited to share it with all of you.

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