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Alpaca Anniversary: Winter Recap

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


This weekend has marked one year since my boys came to live with us at The Buzzard Farm. They were brought to our home the day after Thanksgiving in 2020. The very next day, we had five inches of snow. For the weeks before that, as I was preparing for their arrival, we had such beautiful weather. In fact, the day they arrived, it was 65 degrees outside! I was so busy preparing for my boys, I completely forgot to check the weather and was quickly thrown into farm life: winter style. If you know anything about livestock and farming in general, below freezing temperatures is cause for a whole new set of chores, chores I honestly wasn’t prepared for. For example, when it is 65 degrees out, I can use a hose to fill buckets of water. I do not have to worry about wind protection either. However, within 24 hours of their arrival, I was filling buckets with hot water from inside my house and stapling multiple tarps to protect them from wind.

I never had to worry about wind protection for our chickens. Their run borders our garage and the building serves as a wonderful wind blocker unlike out in the field where the alpaca are left almost fully exposed except their three sided run-in barn. Regardless, we persevered through the first winter and now, we are going into our second and I cannot believe it.

To celebrate, I wanted to share all of the photos from last winter, the first few months with our boys and some photos from our first snow falls of 2021. Can you tell which photos are from last year and which ones are from this?




Carlos is literally the sweetest boy there is


This was the morning after they first arrived.


By afternoon, most of the snow had melted.

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