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Community Pumpkin Project Details

A year before my thirtieth birthday, we purchased our farm. If you have been following along with our story, you know I love going to markets and festivals. My favorite festivals of them all are farm festivals and it has always been a dream of mine to have my own at our farm. Knowing it was going to be some time before I was able to build to that, I

decided to grow a pumpkin patch for my upcoming thirtieth birthday where I would give the pumpkins away as party favors. Well, the pandemic hit and my party plans were really unpractical due the uncertainty in the world. A lot has changed since. Since then, we have adopted our alpaca, started our small business and have taken on so many more amazing projects leaving us with nearly no time to fulfill my fall festival dreams. I need to accept that I cannot simply do it all at every given moment.

I have not given up on my pumpkin patch dreams, but perhaps, put them on hold to reprioritize homeschooling our children, raising our alpaca, and running our business. My pumpkin patch will come in time.

However, I have saved and collected seeds from the last two seasons from our best pumpkins and I cannot allow them to go to waste. Then I had an idea.

My "two year" goal to have a festival here at our farm may be put on hold, but our patch does not have to! I want to share the carefully selected seeds with you all. I am offering these seeds up for free and all I ask is that you pitch in a dollar for shipping, that's it! With all of our mini patches put together, hopefully we can grow a giant community pumpkin patch. If you grow a pumpkin or gourd this year, please tag us on instagram with the hashtag #farmsteadcommunitypumpkins. There, you can see the pumpkin patch your efforts helped to create!

Pumpkins will go up Monday, March 28. I will have 20 posted at first and if I need to post more, I will throughout the week. Check our instagram stories for updates!

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing all of your pumpkins!

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