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Fall at the Homestead: How to Prepare for Spring

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

There are five really important things I do every fall that make my life so easy in the early spring. Spring is the busiest time here at the farm. Planting, planning, cleaning, and preparing for summer. Also, where we live, it is the best time to hatch eggs or adopt new chicks. Since it is so busy, anything that can be done to prepare beforehand is so helpful!


Put Tarps Over All Garden Beds

After the first few frosts have happened and it is clear that your plants are dying, rip them out or throw them in your compost and place tarps over all of your garden areas. tarps are basically my favorite garden tool. We separate each of our garden beds by tarps and lay bricks in the corners. The tarps do two things. They compost the remaining plants and plant matter into nutritious soil and they also keep unwanted plants from growing. This is great in the early spring when things start growing but it is too early to plant some of your less hardy plant babies.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Plant Garlic

Start a Winter Compost

Collect Leaves!


In the fall, things slow down and we begin to prepare for all of those indoor projects we

have put off all year when we wanted to be outside. However, as a homesteader, there are many things you can do as it cools off to make life easier when those busy gardening seasons begin. What are your fall rituals?


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