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Farm Made Cold Process Soap Available Now!

I have an entire line of soap planned for the coming months but somehow life got in the way but in the meanwhile, I have plenty of my cold process soap here for you to sample! Right now, I am offering Cucumber Aloe cold process soap. This soap is the most moisturizing bar of soap I have ever made. It is such a good recipe, I could not help but to share. Even in the coldest of months, my soap recipe moisturizes instead of depletes my skin. Try it yourself here!

For a limited time, our new soap is 20% off and has free shipping!

Lightly scented with lemon, orange and patchouli essential oils, our soap is preservative free! We use as few ingredients as possible while still providing a bar of soap that is great quality.

Have any questions about our new bar? Feel free to comment below!

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