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What's New On The Buzzard Farm

Updated: Oct 11, 2022


Fall 2022 Releases

Cold Process Soap was released in September. We have two varieties to chose from and limited quantities of each. These make amazing stocking stuffers. All soap orders have free shipping! Find them here.

Next, we have our 100 % alpaca hats coming to our storefront on Friday October 14, 2022. Each hat is one of a kind and made with hand spun, hand blended alpaca yarn. The process in total took three months to complete and we are so excited to share them with you. Look at our Herd & Home Co. page to have a sneak peak!

Finally, we will be released limited amounts of hand spun hand blended yarn on our shop coming November 1. I will release the yarn as I am able to make it. All of our yarn is double ply for extra strength. More details will be given as the date approaches. We will also be allowing custom yarn and hat orders in limited numbers. Each custom order will be allotted three weeks to complete so please allow plenty of time and place your order early if you plan to grab some for the holidays.

Thank you all so much for your support as we approach this holiday season!


Farm and Homestead Planners are Finally Here!

I debuted a prototype of a homestead planner I made in January of this year on our Instagram page but I could not decide my official version and alas, I have finally decided to go with a minimalist style and release them on our shop! They have their own dedicated spot on our storefront and there are five versions available. We can also do any version customized with a name at no extra charge!

Inside, you will find grids for easy planning! I used this to plan out my raised beds, my pastures and even patio placement! They are perfect for farmers, homesteaders, and gardeners. They would make a great gift coupled with a bar of handmade cold pressed soap I recently released on our shop.

Check out our new planners here and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Alpaca Fleece Products Update!


We had so much fun this year preparing for shearing and now we have a whole new year of fiber. We sell our fiber raw but this year we are transitioning to sell fiber products made on our farm!

In the coming weeks we are gearing up to sell our wool dryer balls, wash cloths, socks, and more!

I am hopeful to be able to have a summer line and a winter line where we will debut our different fiber products depending on the season.

In the summer months, we will focus on household essentials. Products will be more limited and more focused on everyday items.

In the winter months, we will be using our fiber for hats, gloves, and ornaments. Special orders will be accepted like always. We process all of our fiber right on our farm. The process starts with cleaning and skirting (picking the debris from the fiber). Next I spin it into yarn or make it into felt.

Processing alpaca fleece takes a lot of time and is very labor intensive so limited quantities will be available to ensure to utmost quality.

Our first release will be this Friday May 27! Stay tuned!


Two New On the Farm Candle Scents Available Sunday April 10 in Honor of Rockbridge Farmstead's Podcast Episode Featuring The Buzzard Farm!

We are so excited to announce we are releasing two new candle scents this weekend. We said we wouldn't do it and our On the Farm Collection was complete, but we simply could not help it! Our friends at Rockbridge Farmstead started a podcast and asked us to be a part of it and we felt it fitting to make these new candles in their honor.

Our two new scents are Homestead Honey and Double Oaked Bourbon. Personally, the Homestead Honey is a new favorite of mine. My home has spelled of honey all week and it is such a refreshing smell after the long winter we just had. We chose these specific scents for our friends because they are a bee farm in Kentucky! On top of raising bees, Greg and Marriane raise goats, chickens, pigs and rabbits. They have orchards and grow lots of herbs and vegetables with their children on their farm. They sell solid lotion bars, wax food wraps, and salves. You can find their products on their Etsy shop here! I personally love their lemongrass lotion bars. Lemongrass is such a refreshing and unique scent.

As I mentioned, Rockbridge Farmstead also does a homestead podcast in which we will be featured this coming Monday April 11! Their podcast interviews real homesteaders building their lives sometimes completely from scratch. If you are interested in this lifestyle or learning how to be more self-sufficient and the ways people have accomplished this, give it a listen! You can find their podcast here!

Stay tuned for our upcoming candle release! If you follow us on instagram, check our stories for frequent updates on when our candles will be live! Please feel free to message me with any questions!


Community Pumpkin Project is Live! Limited Amount Available

This year, we are giving away pumpkin seed packets to create a national pumpkin patch. The seeds are free (we only are asking a small shipping fee) and are available for a limited time in our The Buzzard Farm Originals section of our storefront. Check them out here.

The seeds were collected from some of our best pumpkins from over the last few seasons. I am so excited to share these and cannot wait to see all of the pumpkins we can all grow together! For more information about our community pumpkin patch, please check our our blog post here detailing why we decided to go forward with this project.

If you grab a pack, please tag us on our instagram with the hashtag #farmsteadcommunitypumpkins!


The Buzzard Farm Coffee Re-Stock Friday March 18, 2022

I am happy to announce the first coffee release of 2022 will be this Friday at 8 pm! I will be release 20, one pound bags of coffee. This is first come, first serve. Once they sell out, that is it! I will have reminders posted on our social media pages so check there frequently. In this coffee restock we will have four options to chose from. Here are the details:

Guatemala Antigua

  • Rich flavor with warm chocolate and citrus notes. Very unique and exquisite flavor. Must try!

Coffee Kids Huehuetenango

  • Coffee Kids is a project helping to house, educate and employ young adults and youth who have been orphaned or had troubled pasts. This coffee, like out original Huehuetenango is grown in the same region in Guatemala. This is a similar bean with chocolate hues with slight citrus notes

Columbia Tolima Peaberry

  • This bean comes from a USDA Certified Organic that is also Fair Trade Certified in Columbia. This farm has high ethical standards and consists of 76 smaller farms that grow their beans for quality. This bean is a great choice. Slightly more bitter than our other options, but not a disappointment. Our peaberry is full of flavor.


  • Our standard Huehuetenango from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala is the same that we provide in limited custom orders. Also from a Fair Trade and USDA Organic farm, this bean is roasted to be full of dark chocolate taste notes.

Have any questions about our coffee? Feel free to send me a message at our email or on our instagram page found here.


New All Natural Soap Line Coming in March 2022


I am so excited to announce our all new line of all natural soaps. We will have five options and they will be released on a quarterly basis. Our soaps are set apart from other soaps because we use all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. We do not use any mica powders, colorants or artificial fragrance. We love the idea of “whole“ products. We strive to use that very concept of “back to nature” and “whole foods “in our skin care as well.

As a soap maker, I started making soap as a way to provide for my sensitive skin family. I want to provide this products to you, too. My soap has worked amazingly with anyone who has problems using store bought soaps because unlike soaps you buy at most retail shops, it is made with just a few ingredients. My soap is a soft soap bar with a luxurious skin softening feel. Stay tuned! Our new soap line will be arriving in just a few short weeks!


Whole Bean Coffee Availability Update

Our coffee is made in small batches to retain freshness. We plan to release our next round of coffee in early March 2022! We just got word of our newest shipment and we will be setting a date in the next couple weeks. In the meanwhile, if you are a coffee addict like myself and need an order to hold you over, please feel free to contact us for a custom order. Our availability right now is our La Minita and our Huehuetenago. These are available only for custom orders in one pound or half pound increments. If you need more, we are able to accommodate but please contact us for more information.


The Buzzard Farm Originals: New in the Shop!

The Buzzard Farm Originals and The Story Behind Them

The Buzzard Farm began as a drawing, believe it or not. Many years ago, I sat down to draw. I love art. I love painting, drawing, stretching and doodling but I never took myself seriously or made anything of it. It has been years since I had created anything at this point. We had very recently moved into our farmstead and I was beginning to feel so inspired by living in the country. At the time we had an overgrown pasture filled with milkweed and when late summer came, the fields were filled with butterflies. It was a time for growth and not just for me but it felt like the world around me was growing as well.

So I started drawing. At the end of the long laborious, sometimes frustrating, task, I ended up with the buzzard on our logo. I did not stop there. I made cards and printable art and all sorts of drawings from the time. The last drawing I did was the little alpaca I now have on two of our original products. I am so elated to be able to share my art with the world, which was something I never thought I would do. Happy to be here to share it with you.

Check out our new original products. We now have an assortment of mugs, sweatshirts and a tote bag. One of the other things I developed was a garden planner. At First, I made this a printable but I felt that the plan I made was restricting so I decided to make it an open ended journal like product. Inside of lines inside, there are grids for plot planning. The book has plenty of pages for the many designs and ideas you may have. Check it out here!

In a few short weeks, I will have a new collection to share with you guys I am so excited about. Keep in touch via email and Instagram and please let me know if you have any questions about any of our products or farmsteading in general.


Alpaca Wear-ables Now Live On The Shop!

Fair trade alpaca gloves, hats, and blankets are now listed in our storefront. They are available in a variety of colors but the selections all match to make mixing and matching a breeze. Alpaca fiber creates warm and hypoallergenic products without any coarseness you ge from other fiber animals. Alpaca is a go to if you want a quantity luxury gift. I am so excited to bring you these select items by Slate & Salt. Check them out now!


On The Farm 100 % Soy Wax Candle Collection is Expanding!

To start the new year, I am released four new scents to the On The Farm Candle Collection. In the past, new scents I released would be in limited release. I have decided to make the On The Farm Collection a permanent section on the shop. These four new scents are going to be in addition to the two scents available in that line currently, Old Barn and Cowboy Boot. The new scents are as follows:

Side Saddle

Chicken Math

Farm Fields


Each new scent is a unique earthy variety that carries you into nature in a very different way. Side Saddle has hues of leather with a feminine kick. Chicken Math is my favorite candle I have made thus far. It is so unique. I struggled to make it so I decided to give it my favorite name. I promise it does not disappoint. Farm Fields is a blend of fruit, spice, and the smells of freshly cut hay. Our last new addition, Farmstead, is the quintessential smell of a home. Added spice and earthy tobacco notes, this candle is both sweet and rustic. Photo updates to follow! Can’t wait to share them with you!

Release is January 12, 2022




We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. As our year comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support this year as we grow and build our farm.




Our new 100 % Soy Wax Candles are a two toned green with one of our existing limited release holidays scents, Christmas Morning.

Our new candles will be available in limited quantities for the holidays like all of our holidays scents. Also, similarly to the other candles in our Climate Action Collection, Christmas Morning is in a recycled glass jar with a slow burning wooden wick. Every candle in our Climate Action Collection includes a two dollar donation to a climate action charity.

These candles make cute gifts for in-laws, neighbors, service workers and all candle lovers in general.



Our newest collection has been posted just in time for Giving Tuesday. In this collection, we have two fragrances, one is a familiar favorite and the other totally new to the store. This collection hosts a completely new design. I am personally an enormous climate change advocate and as a homesteader, I know that I am nothing without our planet.

For this collection, the 100 % soy wax candles are made in recycled glass jars. I chose this because I wanted to create the most sustainable candle I could. Our wax is organic and made in the USA. The combination of the two create a locally made more environmentally safe candle. On top of making a more sustainable candle, $2.00 of every purchase will be donated to a climate action charity.

I never feel like what I do for our planet is enough. Whether it is canning, eliminating waste, growing my own food, using cloth napkins/diapers, my small footprint only goes so far. For this reason, these candles will be the only candles that are a permanent collection in our shop. If I can do a little in a lot of ways, maybe that can make a slightly larger difference.

Thank you for being here and for all of your support.



Whole Bean Responsibly Sourced Freshly Roasted Coffee is now available on our shop!

Our coffee is sourced locally by a supplier that hand selects their beans from small farms across the globe. Some of our bean selections come from woman owned farms and some come from just small mom and pop operations. We roast our beans in small 5 pound batches and they are available in limited supplies. This week we have a Costa Rican Medium Roast available in either 8 oz or 16 oz bags. Larger quantities (more than 5 pounds) are available with a two week notice.

Our 100 % Soy Wax Candles are organic and made from soy wax produced entirely in the USA.

This week on the shop we have our last candle in our Coffee Shop Collection. Macchiato is perfect for bundling with a bag of our freshly roasted coffee for holiday gifts! The other candle in our Coffee Shop Collection comes in our coffee-candle gift set and this candle is called Coffee Cake. Coffee Cake is a coffee scented candle with a wonderful spice addition. Both are available in limited quantities for the holidays.

Coming up in the shop are two additional holiday scented candles. One of the new candles will be called Winter Solstice and the other candle will be called Christmas Morning. More details about these two candles will be released in my next shop update! In addition to these two new candles, I will be having a restock of a few old favorites such as Sweet Tobacco and Winter. More details about the restock will be coming soon!

My final update this week is the announcement of our first holiday sale. Coffee and candles will be 20 % off with the promo code COFFEECANDLESALPACA until December 31 of this year.

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