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Weekly Check in February 15

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

We celebrate at home with small traditions like exchanging home made cards and baking a special chocolate treat or two. Did you know that today is National Chocolate Day? It's the perfect day to binge on the treats from the day before.

This week on the farm, we are working on wholesale dryer ball orders. This will be the last wholesale order we are able to do for this year. We are out of dryer ball fleece! I can't even believe it.

Alpaca fleece, when sheared, is divided into sections for usability. The blanket, the part of their back, is used for yarn. The rest is used for dryer balls with the exception of the front part of the chest. That area is referred to as baby alpaca. Did you know that baby alpaca fleece is actually a part of the animal and not from a young alpaca?

As a rule, the younger an alpaca, the better the fleece quality. As alpaca age, their fine fleece becomes more coarse. I firmly believe that alpaca fleece at any stage is soft and usable but some fleece is softer than others. Every animal is so unique.

If you were interested in any dryer balls before summer, now is the time to make your purchase. I do not know how many more we will be able to make before we are totally out for the year.

Also, we are out of black fleece for custom hats and yarn orders. We will resume production of those in the late spring after shearing. We only have a limited amount of fleece for custom hats left so again, do not hesitate because once it's gone, that's it for the year.

Thank you all for all of your support of our farm. I hope in the coming weeks to add more to our sustainability series both on Instagram and on this platform.

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