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Weekly Check In February 22

Our last wholesale dryer ball order is in the mail and although we don't have enough left for wholesale, we have five sets left. If you were debating getting some, now is the time because more will not be made until late summer!

Our weather has been strangely warm for February this week and our boys have been enjoying the 50 degree weather. Our boys' fleece hasn't been growing the same way as previous years so I have been concentrating changing minerals, hay types and removing grain. It simply could be that Carlos, Walter and Chauncey are just aging at alarming rates. They are all 14 years old! Our younger four boys are all under two and have thick appropriate fleeces for this time of year.

Also, this week we bought a new Schacht Matchless Spinning wheel. We have been waiting for it to arrive for a while and this will help create new creative types of yarn.

I hope everyone has a great week! Coming next week are our egg candle sets. Perfect for spring!

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