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Weekly Check In February 8

Wednesday here again and it has been a really sad and chaotic week.

Near our farm, a train derailed and the train unfortunately was carrying carcinogenic chemicals. The fire lasted two days and then they had to do a controlled burn to release the vinyl chloride in one of the train cars. If they hadn't released the chemical, it was inevitably going to explode.

During this, a few people we know who are close to us had to be evacuated and are unsure when or even if they are going to be able to live in their homes again. We are just very sad and sorry for everyone directly affected by this situation.

Since we are so close to the wreckage, we feared evacuation would be warranted because of air pollution. Fortunately, we are okay and here and are sitting right with a shelter in place for the next few days. Our animals have been given extra hay, water and grain to cope with the lack of us being out with them for the time being.

In other news, we have been working on wholesale orders for some small shops around the country. We offer our wool dryer balls and our scrunchies for wholesale to small to medium businesses. We make all of our dryer balls to order because we simply sell out faster than we can make them! Can't complain there.

We also have some really cool zero waste candles coming to our shop next week. We are making these in small batches and releasing in limited quantities.

We only have one scrunchie left from our hand dyed, foraged pink scrunchies we released just a couple short weeks ago. They are great for Valentines Day so order fast for a guaranteed delivery!

I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic week. We are starting our peppers and tomatoes this week in zone 6a! Hoping to have the greenhouse built before March!

Stay tuned!

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