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Weekly Check In March 8

Happy Wednesday!

This week I am working on spinning every ounce of fleece we have left for the year to prepare for the influx we will have on shearing day.

We have an entire blanket of white fleece left I am spinning into yarn, cleaning and dying with dyes I foraged and dehydrated from last fall. I have been so excited about this project and I can't wait to share the results.

Our new lamb is growing so quickly and will be ready to go outside in about two weeks. We have two more boys arriving in the next two months and I simply cannot wait to have wool to add to our product line next spring.

We broke ground on our greenhouse last weekend. Apparently, building a greenhouse is a LOT harder than what I thought. Honestly, this seems to literally always be the case. I am a bite off more than I can chew kind of gal. We leveled the area and got the mounting poles in and that is literally as far as we got before the project overwhelmed us and we had to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes it is better to walk away from something then to mess it up.

We bought our greenhouse from Growers Solution. They have so far been good to work with but the instructions to build it are substantially lacking. We have leaned on YouTube builders a lot to figure it out.

Hopefully, next week I will have more updates with the greenhouse!

Check out our shop today! For spring, I released hand poured, soy wax, rainbow egg candle sets! They come in a set of three and are nearly zero waste.

Samples I made from earlier this Spring. So cute!

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