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  • What is average order processing time?
    Our shipment turnaround time is one week from the time the order is placed. We strive to ship out products as soon as possible. If you absolutely need next day shipping, please let us know and we can put a rush on the order.
  • What type of roast is your coffee? Can we request a specific roast?
    All of our coffee right now is a medium roast, however, if you prefer a dark or a light roast, let us know and we would be happy to accomodate you!
  • Can orders be bundled for shipping?
    Absolutely! We ship via usps and we can open a box and do a flat rate shipping cost. Fill a box for one shipping rate of 20 dollars!
  • What is the average burn time for your soy candles?
    Soy wax has an incredibly long burning time, however, while a lot of candlemakers list approximate burning times, candle burning tests can vary significantly because of environmental factors. The best estimate I can give is over 30 hours for our smaller candles and over 60 hours for our larger versions. I cannot guarantee burning times because every home has different drafts, temperatures, and altitudes that can all affect burning times.
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