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Weekly Check In: January 11

Can you believe we are almost halfway through January already? Time flies when you are as busy as we have been.

This past week, I have completed a stunning custom black alpaca hat for a dear friend in California. This hat was an oversized beanie style hat. I personally love an oversized hat because they are so versatile. Interested in your own hat? You can join our waiting list here. I also plan to have another release of seven or so hats in the spring!

Another item coming to the shop is hand dyed pink scrunchies. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw the reel we made with the yarn we dyed from pokeberries foraged on our farm. We did not make enough of this yarn for bulk orders, however, we will have a nice supply of scrunchies that would make an adorable Galentine's gift or a fun addition to an Easter basket.

This spring, we plan to grow and naturally dye more yarn to provide more custom colors for the next holiday season. Slow fashion truly is very slow. A huge part of it is waiting for harvests. Right now, we are nearly out of our harvest of Carlos' fleece from last spring. When we are out, then we wait until May. This approach has left me so grateful for what we are able to produce and ultimately share with you all!

Coming later in the month will be a list of ways to support slow fashion. This will include retailers that save clothing from landfills and small businesses that do their best to support the slow fashion cause. I will have this pinned in our blog and add to it as we grow and learn.

For now, we have a big surprise coming this week (or should I say arriving). I am so excited to be able to share this with out. I will have more information on our social media tomorrow and I will post all about it on our check in next week. See yinz then!

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