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Weekly Update January 4

Happy New Year! 🎈

We are staring off 2023 strong! Over our holiday break, we planned our spring garden. If you haven't ordered your seeds, now is the time. See links at the bottom of this post for our favorite places to shop for seeds.

This growing season, we ordered a greenhouse! So excited to be able to extend our growing season and hopeful grow more efficiently many seasons to come! We ordered our greenhouse from Growers Solution. We purchased their 20x30 Quonset kit. We wanted a middle ground kit where we didn't have to do all of the building but some to cut down on coats. This kit was extremely affordable. It does not include a door or wood frame. Thankfully, lumber costs have come down! I will update you all as we build on what we think.

Also this year will be the first year we specifically grow natural dyes. Typically, our yarn and yarn products are made with dye free fleece. I love the all natural look but the love and care and creation that goes into a naturally dyed product is too good not to try.

In addition to natural dyes, we will be extending our medicinal herb garden with more perennials. Last year, we planted lots of bee balm, yarrow and lavender. This year, I hope to expand into more types of mint, oats, stevia and chamomile. In the past, my luck with chamomile was never great. Every year, I learn more techniques and I am hopeful for a great growing season!

Cheers to 2023!

Where we buy seeds:

Have your own seed company? We would love to try them! Please contact us on the form on our home page.

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