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Weekly Update May 31: Shop Updates

I have been working diligently to create yarn for an enormous fall release. We are going to have naturally dyed items, scrunchies, dryer balls and so many fun extras.

My favorite yarn ever is in creation. It's from our alpaca Malcom who passed away a few summers ago. I mixed his white fleece with our new boy's fleece and blended some hand dyed pink fleece into the mix. The result is incredible. Lightly pink and white. Pink and neutral. Who doesn't love that?

This is the yarn as a single ply.

I am created all of the dryer balls for the year this summer. It is a huge task but I do not want to have to create them in my basement this winter the week before the holiday season. Yes, I have too much experience doing that for wholesale orders and honestly, that is a time I believe I need to be spending with family and friends. While the weather is great, I go outside with my bucket of water and soap and scrub the fiber away until I get nice large felted balls.

Wool dryer balls are dryer sheet replacements. They literally last for ever too! You can scent them or leave them unscented for a sensitive skin friendly option. They help separate clothing in the dryer to help with drying efficiently. These are particularly great for large loads or doing loads with blankets.

This fall, we will at the very least have hats and matching gloves available. I am hopeful to have both kids and adult sizes with limited naturally dyed color options. I am so excited to share these with you all. Can't wait for August!

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