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Weekly Check In February 1

Happy February! The coming of February means it is officially time to start our next round of plant starts! This week, in zone 6a, I will be starting tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage. As soon as the weather breaks and dries a little, we will begin building our greenhouse (which was delivered last Monday!).

New in our shop this week are our hand spun, hand dyed alpaca scrunchies. We only have two left so grab yours while they are available. We won't be making more until the next pokeberry season (starts in the fall).

We are working on some exciting new waste free candles to release this year. One of the biggest concerns I had as a maker was the waste it created. I don't have the means to start a jar recycling program (I feel this would have to be a local endeavor only). Since most of our customers are national, it simply isn't practical right now with the cost of shipping glass. The next idea I had was to dig clay from our garden (oh, yeah. Not joking) and hand throw jars so the entire candle could at least be created on our property.

Again, that didn't seem very practical.

I came up with a solution and I will be announcing our new candles in our check in next week with some sneak peek photos. The official release will be sometime in February. Stay tuned.

Another project we are working slowly on is integrating the new two alpaca into our existing herd. Earlier in the month, I spoke about herd dynamics. Unfortunately, the existing herd has yet to fully accept them. We have them out in the pasture together in the day but at night, we still have them in separate stalls. We would like to work so everyone can be together all the time, for ease sakes, but we do not want to push the integration and cause unnecessary stress to our animals.

Farming takes a lot of patience all around.

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