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Winter on the Homestead: Time for Garden Planning!

Winter used to be a very disappointing time until I had my garden to plan for. Typically, I start next year's garden planning in November. Yes, this is so early but the holiday season is so busy and as soon as the new year hits, its time to start the first seedlings.

The first thing I do is go through my seeds to see what I have run out of. I make a list of the seeds that need replenished and the seeds I wish to try for the coming season. I typically try a new plant or two every year. New plants can be so exciting!

The next step to my garden planning process is to map out where each plant will be planted in my garden. I use a garden planner that has small grids in order to to this. We sell our own and you can find it here.

After I plan where each plant is going, I set up my seed trays, my lights, clean and disinfect my pots, and have it all set up so once the holiday season is over, all I have to do is plant. We are in zone A so depending on where you live, this process might happen for you at a different time. Any plant that is native to the tropics, I start in January to ensure a long harvest. I plant lavender first (it takes forever) and then I plant peppers. My second round of planting is in March and my third is in May.

What does your garden planning look like? Do you have any great tips to share? Please comment below!

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